Orthopedic patches

Proper orthopedic products can do wonders in our musculoskeletal system starting at our feet. The soles and problems that occur in them may be responsible for leg pain, soles and even in the middle and neck.

More specifically:

For a high arch, look for soft fries made of foam or gel.
If you have a bun, get a pale ¾ to give the front of your foot more space.
If you suffer from flatulence, think of a more structured bottom with neoper or EVA.
In cases of plantar fracture and acne heel, find a bottom that closes around the heel, providing support and protection.
For metatarsalgia, the pots that catch the entire surface of the sole and are very soft, especially at the front of the foot, are preferable.

Signs that show that we need orthopedic mats

Stand for more than 5 hours a day.
Continuous standing can lead to plantar fracture that causes pain along the length of the sole.
Your shoes are worn on the sides.
While it is normal to wear out their shoes and pots, to look only on the side, whether inward or outward is a sign of pruning.
You don't have an arch or you have a very big arch.
If you have either of the two problems in your arch, regular shoes will not give you the support you need.
You feel a lot of pain in your heel.
Although this sign may seem obvious to you, many people avoid foot pain and do not give the necessary importance. Many times we think that the pain in the legs is due to the fact that we wear uncomfortable shoes. Pain in the legs, especially in the morning, is a clear sign that this is a plantar fracture.
You had some recent injury.
If you had any injury to the hip, knee or ankle it may affect the pressure you put on your body.

The necessary exams you may need to do (an x -ray -a footprint -analysis -analysis), resulting in the problem to be specified and the solution that is suitable for you.